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Our kittens

Our kittens live with us in our home, same as our cats. They are well raised and very socialized. For the kittens is very important an intensive contact with humans, as well as the environment in which they grow up during the first weeks of theirs life. Whatever is neglected during the first ten weeks, after a birth, is later very difficult to retrieve, sometimes might be even impossible. That is the main reason, why buying a kitten from cage breed, cannot be recommended.

Our kittens are growing up as a members of our family circle. They stay with us at least for the first 13 weeks. They are not only used to a company of children and frequent caressing, but also to other cats and dog friends. If you have got children or dogs, this is a great advantage. A kitten from our breeding station is used to this kind of company since its birth, so it is not afraid neither shy nor aggressive. When our kittens leave our station, they are always 100% healthy. Vaccinated against rabies infection and as a bonus also against Feline Leukemia, Rhinotrachetis, Calici, Panleukopenia, Chlamydia Psittaci and they are worm free. Those for breeding are issued with a chip and provided with Euro passport. All this is a standard for kittens from us. All of our kittens are also provided with a certificate of origin.

We would love to provide beginners with advice of any kind to the best of our knowledge.

Kitten as a pet or for breeding?

Have you decided for a Birman cat, but you are surely not tempted with breeding and going to shows? You will be buying a pet. Still you'll get the family tree, which means you know the whole genealogy. The kitten must be vaccinated and worms free in 100% health condition. A pet kitten doesn't need to fit conditions which are necessary for the shows (like coloring). As in this case it won't change the final enchanting look and irresistible personality. But the price could be half in compare to the price for breeding kittens. Because the breeders are protecting their breeds, you might be required for contractual promise to get those kittens castrated and not to start your own breed. The castration won't hurt them, more likely the opposite; you'll save yourself from troubles with sexual appearance, of both male and female cats. With females cats it's usually quite troublesome heat, accompanied by constant yowling and with male cats it could be territory marking. This all gets sorted with castration, and you'll get a pleasant companion.

For breeding pick a kitten as close as possible to the ideal as described in the standard (will advise, those who'll be interested). Same as humans aren't all the same and perfect, also with cats you won't get 100% certainty that from champion parents you get another champion, but the chance is good. For this kind of kitten you'll have to pay the full price. Also the breeder will be, for sure, interested in your plans. If you tend to start your own breed, it'll mean a considerable investment of money and time. For breeding itself you'll need plenty of time and space. You must accept demonstration of cat's heat when it's not breaded. You must become a member of "The Union of Cat Breeders" and fully respect the rules of healthy breeding. If you carry on, keep being responsible and you find all that enjoyable, the joy from your kittens will repay you for everything.


There's a great amount of demands when it comes to Birman kittens. Quite often all the kittens are booked long time before even born. I'll be pleased to give the general information over email, but we never sell kittens over internet. If you are seriously interested I require contact through telephone and if possible I recommend at least one noncommittal personal visit at our place. You'll be very welcome. We love our kittens, so we care about where they going to live. Signing a contract is required upon a kitten being sold. This contract states the condition of a kitten when leaving. We guarantee the genealogy and also the health condition. On the other hand we require some guaranties from the buyer.

Buyer will:
  • take good care of the kitten
  • provide good quality nourishment
  • ensure veterinary care
  • inform us about kitten's health condition and progress
We, under no circumstances, sell kittens for resale. If for any reason you have to give up your kitten, we reserve the right to buy is back. With breeding cats we require the rules of breeding being adhered and pets to be castrated.

The price

Birman cats are a very expensive breed. It is not much of a custom quoting a price on a web page, but I also understand, that this information could be really important while choosing the right cat friend. The exact price of a kitten is individually set depending on its quality. However, it could be stated that a kitten from our breeding station, that fulfils the conditions for possible future breeding, would cost around 1000 Euros.

The price for a pet kitten would be approximately a half of previously mentioned sum.

The breeders of this beautiful breed are well aware, why the price is so high. For those who are just starting with cat breeding and those collecting information, I would like to state a few of those basic reasons. As well as I would like to discourage those, who see cat breeding only as an easy way how to make money. It is really not as easy as it can possibly look like to someone with no experience. The initial investment when buying a kitten is only the beginning. In desire to have a cat suitable for breeding purposes, you must expect additional very high expenses. Except to the annual vaccinations, worming and other possible veterinary care, it's also the participation on shows. It is not only the caging fees, but also the traveling and accommodation expenses. And even for the most beautiful cat, one show won't be enough to grant the continual breeding.

You must bear up your furry beauty's suffering when it's in heat. According to valid breeding rules the mating is only allowed twice a year and three times in two years. In our breeding station we only use a feed of super premium quality, which also is not exactly a cheap thing. Veterinary surveillance is a commonplace. If you do not plan to have your own male cat, expect quite high expenses for mating and if you do have your own, that gives you just those few extra things to worry about and also other expenses. After all if you manage all this and more, and your cat gives birth to a living and healthy kittens, you still cannot be sure that all of them would be suitable for breeding. Yes, now comes the time for these, by all so feared, gloves. If the kitten's coloring and other characteristic turns out right, you may call this a small triumph. This is the reason why there's only few breeding Birmans out there, and getting a good quality kitten is complicated and expensive.

What you going to need for your kitten

  • A SCRATCHER, necessary if you want prevent your cat from scratching doors, furnishings, etc. Scratcher is used as source of entertainment and for relaxation, and also avoids your cat from scratching other things. If, particularly when you start living together, your kitten gets that idea (scratching furnishings for example), give it an insistent reprimand, take your kitten away from the thing and put its forelimbs where it can scratch. Birmans are quick learners and so it's not so hard to protect your apartment from being devastated, which is something you might be worried about. There's a wide selection of scratchers available on the market and a clever handyman should have no problem building one himself. From my experience I would recommend a scratcher with at least two storey.
  • A LITTER BOX, you can find wide selection in pet stores or on the internet. I would recommend one that is spacious with a cover, a filter and with doors. Trowel is also necessary. In the litter box you should put some cat litter. Cat litter transforms the urine and the excrements into a junk which is not smelly and is easily removed with a trowel. If you use a quality cat litter, the complete cleaning is necessary once a week, but it's reasonable to remove the junk daily. It only takes 5 minutes. We have the best experiences with a cat litter made by Zerlit.
  • THE BOWLS, for water and food. We use three different: one for water, one for granules and one for soft food.
  • CAT BED is convenient, but not necessary. Our cats usually pick a place according to their mood and use theirs bed only occasionally.
  • CAT CARRIER, is necessary for safe transportation (in car, bus, train, ...), when visiting the shows or the vet. Spacious is better.
  • A BRUSH and A CUTTING PLIERS, we can recommend time-tested ones to those who are interested.
  • TOYS, so your cat has something (except for you) to play with.

Watching out for poisonous plants

Some house plants or outdoor flowers could be poisonous for cats.

Philodendron, dieffenbachia, hydrangea, caladium, ivy, amaryllis, azalea, cyclamen, gum-tree, jerusalem cherry, calla, iris, asparagus, boston ivy, holly, chrysanthemum, mistletoe, fern, narcissus, orchid, virginia creeper, cherry, euphorbia pulcherrima, figs, euphorbia milii, tulip, schlumbergera truncata, forget-me-not, solanum capsicastrum, prunus laurocerasus.

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