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Grandinterchampion Munaj van Ranthambhore, NL

Birth date:

SBI d 21 - red tabby point

Bloody type: A

IC White Step's Cicero Namajan, DE, SBI e

CH Källtäppans Veera Venezia, SE, SBI d 21

A male cat, which we brought back from Dutch. It’s from the same breeding station as Loty, but they’re not related. He has an amazing personality. You just caress him and he‘ll begin purring delightfully. He loves the fondling, being carried in hands, rubing the belly but he is not a sissy. He showed the female cats really quickly who’s gonna be the lord of the house. At the moment he’s the youngest one in the cat pack, but in no time, he left no one in doubt, that he’s gonna be the boss. He fears nothing and nobody. He is very interrested in all new visitors, and really couldn’t get bothered if it’s a human or maybe a fifty kilogram (an eight stone) dog.

The appearance

We can‘t be sure yet, how he’s gonna look like after reaching maturity. The gloves are still the greatest insecurity. First signs are looking very promisingly, but we still have to wait few months for the final look. At the moment we can already say, that he’s gonna be really a big shoot. His head is gorgeously shaped with perfect, as from the book, profile, which you won’t see every day. His deep blue eyes will make you fall in love with him. It looks, that also the body structure will be as how is desirable for the Birman cats, including the long and richly coated tail. We believe that he’ll grow into a beautiful male cat.

Show career

Show Date Reviewer Result
Olomouc 2.12.2006 Ing. Šanda V1
Vídeň Schwechat 24.2.2007 Nissen Aase V1 CAC, nom. BIS
Bratislava 3.4.2007 Ing. Mahelka V1 CAC
Bratislava 4.4.2007 Ing. Ivanková V1 CAC
Wien 2.6.2007 R. Giamichele V1 CACIB
Brno 23.6.2007 L. Burani V1 CACIB
Brno 24.6.2007 MVDr. Mahelková V1 CACIB
Boskovice 8.9.2007 MVDr. Mahelková V1 CAGCIB, nom. BIS
Boskovice 9.9.2007 Ing. Mahelka V1 CAGCIB
Wien 10.11.2007 R. Giamichele V1 CAGCIB
Bratislava World Cat Show 27.10.2007 D. Sagurski V1 CAGCIB
Wien 10.11.2007 R. Gianmichele V1 CAGCIB
Bratislava 26.1.2008 V1 CAGCIB
Bratislava 27.1.2008 MVDr. Mahelková V1 CAGCIB




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