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Interchampion Lotus van Ranthambhore, NL

Birth date:

SBI a 21 - blue tabby point

Blood type: A

Torrente del Iris Dorée, FR, SBI a 21

Li-Maj's Pebbles Tigresse, DE, SBI n 21

The character

Lotus is our second cat. We brought it from Holland . It is lovely, communicative and very playful. Its endless curiousness and sense of humor makes it an excellent companion. Lotus is fearless and self-confident.

The appearance

A gorgeous, well-shaped big cat, it has a perfectly shaped head and the profile. It has dark blue eyes, well-positioned ears; proportional to its head. Both, gloves and socks, are perfectly symmetrical. Well furred, gorgeous long tail. As from the first results, we can say that it's going to be a very successful cat.

Show career

Show Date Reviewer Result
Valtice 24.6.2006 MVDr. Mahelková V1 CAC, nom. BIS
Valtice 25.6.2006 Kristina Rautio V1 CAC
Praha 29.7.2006 Ing. Mahelka V1 CAC
Ostrava 19.8.2006 Mr. Grob V1 CACIB
Bratislava 16.9.2006 Mrs. Steinhauser V1 CACIB
Bratislava 17.9.2006 Ing. Mahelka V1 CACIB, nom. BIS
Olomouc 2.12.2006 Mr. Voehringer V1 CAGCIB, nom. BIS
Brno 23.6.2007 L. Burani V1 CAGCIB
Brno 24.6.2007 J. Kytlerová V1 CAGCIB
Boskovice 26.7.2007 S. Ivanková V1 CAGCIB, nom. BIS




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