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The character

They are said, that they do reliably cause dependenci. And really, almost nobody can resist the charming beauty of a furry Birmans. Holy Birmans purr very gently and delightfully. They love caressing and you can hardly refuse any wish you might see in theirs unbelievably blue eyes.

Birmans know how to push their will sensitively and inventively. When they feel, that they are getting all the attention and care they need, they’ll literally overload you with love and tenderness. Birmans express their goodwill for human being by deep, beatific purr and by gently rubbing their heads on his palms.

Birmans are very intelligent. Distinctive curiousness and adaptability are their typical characteristics. They watch their master and try to imitate his common activities like opening the door. Plenty of Burma's tender beauties are very successful in this effort and they will learn even the most astonishing tricks, which they use for pushing their will as well as for entertaining of a man.

The unique understanding showed by Birmans facilitates their upbringing. Birmans wants to take theirs owner fancy, so they get to understand very quickly, which behavior theirs owner dislikes and they keep to those strict rules. There is no need for any physical punishments, usually a clear and categorical „No!“ will be enough and your noble cat will quickly understand.

The playfulness

Birmans are naturaly enormously kittenish, and that’s why they like throwing themselves on everything they can play with. Did the two-legged forgot to bring a new plush mice? Never mind. A sphere shape crumpled envelope out of a bin is as good for retrieving not mentioning pom-pom on a rubber band, which is just just perfect. Birmans´s resourcefulness is very likely without limits.

The childrens

Birmans love children. It’s amazing what tolerance have Birmans towards two legged descendants. They forgive them for each clumsy move and patiently watch over other inconvenieces. These qualities are especially noticeable on Birmans who grew up in household with children.

However, althought they are very tolerant, parents should pay attention and not let to push their patience too far. Birmans doesn‘t use their claws for defending themselves, they preffer, when they’ve got enough, just to run away and hide in a safe place.

But from my experience I can say that if their little human friend isn‘t around for a while, they start being sad and they miss that chasing and caressing.

The adults

The Sacred Birmans are so sensitive, that they assume theirs owner moods. They are happy when he feels happy, and they get depressed when he is sad. In a Birman cat you gain a confidant, who knows you better than anyone else.

This close relation between the cat and the human has its advantages as disadvantages. The advantage is that Birmans will literally cover you with their love, the "disadvantage" is that you can’t leave them for longer periods of time on their own. They don’t need ceaseless care, as long as you let them feel Your presence.

Whenever I sit down at my computer, that exact moment our cats lie down along the keyboard. They aren’t annoying, only trying to be close.

So if you spend all day at work, you better consider different breed. Your Birman would be suffering.

If you want please your Birman, get it a cat friend.

Watching them teasing each other is better than watching TV.

Thanks to straightforward and friendly personality, Birmans are the perfect breed for families with childrens and elderly people. These medium-length coat cats will easily integrate into any kind of lifestyle.


„That beautiful coat must be brushed every day for sure“ you may think, but the opposite is true! The luxurious coat requires a regular care, but it does not tend to mat. According to my experience, brushing two times a week is enough. It only gets a bit more demanding at a time when Birmans lose their winter coat or as a part of preparations for a show.

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